Is it safe to submit information and to order from BLK?

BLK takes your privacy very seriously. For the purposes of the site and membership needs, we do, however, need to collect and retain certain personal information to confirm your identity, authorize transactions, and verify your legal right to access and use Recreational/Medical marijuana. A copy of your doctor’s recommendation and California ID or Driver’s License needs to be submitted to BLK and kept on record. If you do not have a California ID and have an out of state ID, a copy of the ID and proof of residency may be scanned until a California ID has been obtained. All information submitted to us must be kept on record according to local law and will follow all HIPAA Privacy Rules., BLK takes the utmost precautionary measures to protect and to secure all of your personal information.

Is there an order limit at BLK?

BLK does in fact have an order limit, it various based off what the BLK Client is ordering, if you know you have a large order call to verify! (818) 878-8868

What is a recommendation and Do I need one?

BLK Clientele 21 years of age are older are only required to provide a state issued ID or passport to place an order. A California physician recommendation is only required for clients 18+. A physician can recommend the use of marijuana for treating a wide number of health issues, such as in assisting in managing: pain, anxiety, and/or appetite for a resident of California. The recommendation allows us to verify that a patient can legally possess and use medical marijuana. You may call BLK for a suggested Physician.

How do I become a member / How do I order?

After you register as a new client with us (Click Here to Register), once you’re done with registration (View Menu Here) complete your order by texting message over your order to the number below! be sure to let dispatch now if your a first time client!


How can I pay for my medicine?

Cash or credit/debit cards are accepted at time of delivery, if your are using a CARD there will be an $8 fee on transactions under $100. If your transaction exceeds $100 the Fee is 12%.


We welcome you to contact us for more information
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